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When Europe applauds CURIE.


Neelie Kroes, VP of the European Commission applauds the commitment of France into PRACE with the CURIE petascale supercomputer. Her aim is to ensure that Europe is one of the leaders in the Exascale race and a centre of excellence in terms of innovation and scientific research.


When Europe applauds CURIE.

CURIE and European research: the global race for Extreme Computing.

Clean energy for future generations thanks to the Helios supercomputer.

Extreme factory to model aerodynamic flows around a large cruise ship.

Understanding and treating the Alzheimer disease thanks to CURIE petaflops.

What are Petaflops for?

Dimitri Komatitsch, digital simulation and earthquakes

Supercomputing, strategic tool for science, industry and innovation

The installation of Helios petascale supercomputer in Japan
The installation of Helios petascale supercomputer in Japan
The simplest path towards the private Cloud, with bullion.

Innovation at work for the express tramway at Lyon, thanks to Bull Amesys.

Does the future of outsourcing lie in the Cloud?

TOP500: Tera 100 once again crowned as Europe’s most powerful supercomputer

Mobile telephony takes off with OnAir

HPC, the only real way to speed up research and innovation.

Sanofi: using HPC to discover new molecules and pharmaceuticals

Julien Bohbot, IFP Energies Nouvelles: Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize Winner 2011

In Holland, Sint Franciscus hospital secures accesses with Bull Evidian.

Cédric Villani: digital simulation is a major challenge for society

Rudolf Haggenmüller, Chairman of ITEA 2: good ROI from HPC on European projects

Xerox relies on bullion and boosts the competitiveness of its services offerings.

At the heart of Bull’s manufacturing and logistics operations in Angers

Tera 100 to the Top: The most efficient supercomputer in the world!

Bull Escala - Mastering PowerPC™ chips

Bull and NetApp reorganize the CEA’s storage in Grenoble

A Bull expert for every HPC domain.

extreme factory: computing simulation in the age of Cloud computing.

Tera 100: the power of Bull/CEA partnership, an exceptional piece of teamwork.

EUROCONTROL awards 43 million euro contract to consortium led by Bull

Achim Bachem: the strategic importance of computer simulation.

Catherine Rivière talks about CURIE, GENCI’s supercomputer for European research.

Republic of Congo makes a firm commitment to modernization using NICTs.

The future generation of exascale supercomputers, by Earl Joseph of IDC

Vincent Moureau/CNRS: computer simulation at the heart of combustion modeling.

Bull and NetApp inaugurate their new international storage solution center

Tera 100, a strategic challenge with Jean Gonnord and Pierre Leca at CEA-DAM.

Tera 100: a world-class supercomputer designed for round-the-clock production.

Michel Guillemet, director of Bull R&D, explains the huge Tera 100 project.

At the heart of Tera 100

Tera 100, Europe’s first petaflops supercomputer: speeding up innovation

Building tomorrow’s digital society

Dimitri Komatitsch, digital simulation and earthquakes

Keeping watch over Europe’s electricity networks

Sébastien Jan: digital simulation and cancer treatment

Jean Gonnord presents Tera 100

Richard Dracott: Intel at the heart of Tera 100

A private Cloud for One2Team set up by Agarik, a Group Bull company.

At the heart of mobull, Bull’s latest-generation ‘plug & boot’ container.

Planet 51 3D movie, an extreme performance
3D animation with a Bull supercomputer
bullx, instruments for innovation

At the heart of Bull’s manufacturing and logistics operations in Angers

Absolute confidentiality at ESPM Morbihan thanks to Bull Evidian.

bullx awarded best supercomputer by HPCwire

Computer simulation: Bull-Joseph Fourier Prize awarded at Ter@tec 2010

A world 1st: modeling the structure of the Universe from the Big Bang to today

Megajoule laser: how to reduce glass damages used for high-powered lasers.

Exploring the properties of materials at nanoscale level (billionth of a meter).

Bull’s flexible outsourcing: state-of-the-art data center, Green IT, on demand and Cloud.

Jack Dongarra explores the Exascale challenges.

Extreme computing, innovation and sovereignty.

A new Amesys’ thriller: protection against RCIED with its Shadow offerings

Habitat chose Bull’s outsourcing services.

In-depth report into the modernization of Moroccan customs, using digital technologies

Flexible outsourcing services to meet a wide range of needs.

globull combines mobility and security

Philippe Vannier, President of Bull

Bull & Intel: a model technology partnership focused on large-scale systems.

GCOS news for Bull customers

Bull at the heart of the Grenoble ecosystem, by Geneviève Fioraso

GCOS7 takes on a new dimension: novascale gcos 7010

Marseille Transport Authority chooses novascale bullion and GCOS.

Security and reliability of information in the Digital Society

Attijariwafa Bank turned to virtualization

Flexible outsourcing: industrial-strength HA, Green IT and a made-to-measure approach.

Bull launches novascale bullion: making information systems simple again

Banco do Brasil and Bull: a challenging, yet unfailing, partnership.

As Bull Brazil reaches 50, its work with Edson Queiroz reflects the Group’s expertise.

Bradesco salutes the quality of the services delivered by Bull, as Bull Brazil marks its 50th year.

The digital boom at the French National Library...

An innovative electronic cheque processing solution for HSBC.

P&TLuxembourg s Cloud secured by Bull Evidian

Argaus: the comprehensive solution for managing networks of heterogeneous ATMs.

Flexible outsourcing to meet new needs: on-demand, Cloud, internationalization…

Bull officially opened new Bio Demo Center in Grenoble.

Certinomis secures its digital certificates with the help of Bull

Novascale bullion targets critical application virtualization

globull combines mobility and security

VMware and novascale bullion securing application virtualization

Barnsley: in the avant garde of the 'digital regions' movement, with Bull's help!

Leading insurance fund MSA in France has selected novascale bullion

Green Computing at Joseph Fourier University

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